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Glob v1.0
Download Glob v1.0 a FREE GAME created by me!!!
The full form of HTML is, Hyper Text Markup Language. The best way to create web pages is by using Notepad (Windows) or SimpleText (Mac). Now, lets learn how to start and end a HTML document.
Example 1:
<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Welcome to my homepage!!!</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="yellow" LINK="blue" VLINK="red"> </BODY> </HTML>

<BODY BGCOLOR="yellow" LINK="blue" VLINK="red">
the empty space is where you have to write the HTML for your webpage. The basic part of webpages is that it has words, numbers and images. Before we learn about them, lets learn the meaning of the HTML which was in Example 1.

Anything written between < and > are known as tags.


This tag tells that it is a HTML document and not just a text document. You must write <HTML> in the begining of the document and </HTML> in the end.


This tag tells that it is the heading of the HTML document. You must write <HEAD> before the <TITLE> tag and </HEAD> after the </TITLE> tag.


This tag tells what should be written on the blue bar, which is at the top of your browser. The text that you would like on the blue bar should be placed between <TITLE> and </TITLE>
<TITLE>Welcome to my homepage!!!</TITLE>


This tag tells that it is the the main part of the HTML document. The other tags that we will discuss about later should be placed between <BODY> and </BODY>

You might be thinking how to change the background of your webpage. You can do this in the <BODY> tag. If you want a plain colour background, you should put the following tag:
<BODY BGCOLOR="yellow">
Inplace of yellow in the tag, you can enter any other color of you choice.

If you want an image to be tiled as a background, you must type the following tag:
<BODY BACKGROUND="imagename.gif">
Inplace of imagename.gif you can enter your own image filename.

To change the color of a link or a visited link, you must type this:
<BODY LINK="blue" VLINK="red">
VLINK stands for visited link. Instead of blue and red, you can enter the colours of you choice.

But, in a HTML document, you should have only one <BODY> tag. So, we should combine all the tags that we discussed in this section to make one <BODY> tag.
<BODY BGCOLOR="yellow" LINK="blue" VLINK="red">

Now you know the basics of HTML. The trick to change HTML written in Notepad or SimpleText into a webpage is that you should click File-Save As, and save it as filename.html . You should also choose 'All Files' from the drop down list when saving it as a '.html' file.
If you want to see how the HTML webpage of Example 1 will look like, Click Here!

HTML is not a CaSe-SeNsItIve language, i.e., you can write the tags either in capital letters or small letters.
You can write either <HEAD> or <head> . Both have the same meaning.

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